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I paint about memory.  The person I perceive myself to be is a conglomerate of memories in the form of images that have sunk into my subconscious.  In my paintings, I draw from sources such as personal family photos, found photos, and pervasive images from the media.  What I think of as "my memories" are molded by these images of my younger selves, my friends, family, and strangers; who I want to be is driven by icons from entertainment and media.  These images I have seen over and over become the framework of my past.  It becomes difficult to differentiate between real people and events and these static pictures.  Memories shift, combine, mutate constantly.  Things at the edges are fuzzy, hard to define, indistinct.  The reality that seems so firm becomes flimsy and vaporous.  I am the unreliable narrator of my own story.  I hope that when people look at my paintings, they will be inspired to consider the images upon which they build their own stories.

Selected Exhibitions


Shoebox Projects LA  "Telling Stories"

Shockboxx Projects  "No Man's Land"

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art  "Drama:  Storytelling in Art"

Gallery 825  "Indistinct Chatter"

Shoebox Projects LA  "Spooky Camp" 



Kunsthaus Rosig  "Seele und Geist"

Morro Bay Art Center  "Visionary Human"

Gallery 825  "Chestnut"

Gallery 825  "User to User"

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